In this post you will find a simple letter A worksheets that will help your child practicing letter recognition in alphabets.

I created these pages for my own daughter at the age of 3 years old. Yes, I hear you that teaching alphabets to a preschooler is as hard as putting a thread into a needle. But, let me tell you, preschoolers are usually interested in color pencil, marker, etc. Hence, I try to incorporate coloring activities along with tracing task.

There are several activities to do in these pages :
– tracing
– coloring
– stamping using dot markers
– maze
– cutting
– puzzle

Materials you need :
triangular color pencil (it is easier to grip for those who still learning to hold a pencil)
dot markers (come handy for little hands)
pencil grip (to help holding the pencil)
scissors ( I use level 3 for my 3yo daughter, this scissors has blunt edges)

Learning alphabets would be easier while also learning the sound of the letter. You might want to head to my son’s instagram where he gives out the video on how to say the correct letter sound (his English accent is better than mine, fortunately). If your child is keen to do more physical activity, you could do a hide-and-seek-letter. I usually play this game with my kids where I hide some small papers with letter A written on it, and I will ask them to search the whole house to find those letter A papers.

IF, and I say it again IF your child hasn’t been able to do it properly, IT IS OKAY. Just take it easy and don’t push it. Children learn at their own pace and with their own unique ways-some are visual learners, some are perhaps kinaesthetic learners.

I will try to update more activities for each letter in learning alphabets and meanwhile you can download my FREE letter A worksheets by click on the image below.

I hope your child will enjoy this activity!

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