Tracing has been the most common activity that we do to practice writing, yet not very much fun for kids to be honest. As we welcome fall season and of course Halloween soon (not that we have that fall season since we are in Thailand), my kids have been very much in demand of all things halloween-y. Thus, the halloween tracing worksheets!

Steps to Writing skills

If you haven’t known already, there are steps to acquire prior to writing skills; from the strokes progression to pencil-holding progression. I will cover some ideas for strengthening those little hand muscles for pencil-holding in another post.

Pre-writing strokes are lines that young kids need to be able to form before they are ready to do tracing letters. Bear in mind, the age guide is just an estimation, every child is different after all. There are 9 strokes as you can see in the image below :

In this post, I am covering the vertical lines. It is totally okay if the lines are not perfect, remember practice makes perfect. There are 4 pages in which two pages contain long vertical strokes and another two contain short vertical strokes.

I would suggest using marker for younger kids who haven’t had stable tripod grip yet, and this kind of pencil is actually super helpful even for older kids who are still learning to write words or short sentences.

Anyway, please enjoy this halloween FREE worksheets, click on the image below. My little one picked the pictures there herself ^.^ You can tag me in instagram @vness.gracia if you make this worksheets with your kids.

So, what is your plan for Halloween?

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