My eldest has been nagging me for halloween activities since he saw his sister enjoyed her halloween worksheets that I created the last time. While jack-o-lantern is my daughter’s favorite character, my son is all about crafting his own version of monsters. My 6 years old son has been working on creative writings and broadening his vocabulary at school, so why not offer him some activities to boost his creativity on those skills.

In this post, you will find more advance worksheets that involved more English vocabulary, sentence-building, and putting adjectives into a sentence. To make it fun, I am using monsters’ characters to help kids get creative in describing the monster they see using adjectives (colors, textures, personality, etc).

Activity Guides

For the first activity, you might need help your kids to cut out ‘monster body parts’. Kids may paste the ‘cut-out body parts’ into the monster’s body; it could has 3 eyes or 4 arms or one ear, basically whatever your kids like to paste there.

I created two worksheets for their reading comprehension skill BUT without sentence-answering part. Your kids only needs to match the monster’s description with the correct picture. The other worksheet also quite simple, they just need to get creative in choosing the word from the box and write it down under the monster picture.

With the last two activities, they will need to describe a monster based on body parts they see, to engage their mind into the next activity : creative writing. I put some adjectives’ ideas around the monster pictures, but feel free to use any other adjectives you’d like to write. Remember the key is to use imagination and get creative with it.

That’s all my 12-pages halloween worksheets for the bigger kids. You can also check out my halloween activities for younger siblings here.

Let me know if you have any questions in my instagram message. If make this activity with your kids, please tag me on instagram @vness.gracia so I can see your wonderful fun time!

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Enjoy the activities!

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