Now that I have covered about learning phonics phase 2 the easy way here, how about we do a little fun practice about everything we learn about all the letters in phase 2 sound mat? If your kids are like mine who dislike tracing, then this post is for you to save and of course…. download all the worksheets!

Lets trace back a little bit about all the letters in phase 2 sound mat :

Remember, the 6 orders of letters that I told you about in my phonics post here?

This post will cover the second and third orders of letters BUT I exclude FLOSS rules, since it will be too complicated to cover in one post.

By the end of phase 2 sound mat, it is quite common that we also introduce some sight words so that children grasp the idea of reading faster. You can find the list of words to introduce for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten age in this post. Also, if you dare to pursue more, a simple introduction to simple CVC could do magic, such as. C-A-T, S-I-T, P-A-N, and more.

Some activities that I create in the following phonics phase 2 worksheets are letter recognition, dot stamp, solving maze, tracing, cut-paste, and puzzle matching. My 3 year old daughter really enjoy these activities, and I do really hope that your child will enjoy this too.

Download your FREE phonics phase 2 worksheets by clicking the image below. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to drop your questions in the comment below. Also, don’t forget to tag me in instagram @vness.gracia.


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