Hi, I’m Vanessa!

I am a proud stay-at-home-mom from Indonesia and currently residing in the lively city of Bangkok, Thailand. With two wonderful kids and a loving husband, my days are filled with joyful mess and never-ending adventures.

I have a profound passion in cooking and I find immense happiness in creating delicious meals. I had my food business from 2013 to 2021, before I moved to Thailand. On my blog, you’ll find easy food recipes that are both tasty and fuss-free for busy moms like us.

When I am not in the kitchen, you will find me exploring new experiences and places, be some eating places or a new city to discover.

Through my blog, I am excited to share my parenting hacks and children activities that have brought joy and learning to our daily lives. From traveling stories to activities printables, I’m here to inspire and support you on your parenting journey. I can’t wait to connect and share this incredible journey with you!


Where to Find Me

I share my daily activities with Sammy and Sasa on my Instagram! For business inquiries, you can DM me or email me at hello@mommysammy.com