Being a mother isn’t a job, it’s a blessing.

Hello, Vanessa’s here! A mother of two trying to find my balance in motherhood journey. All my life I have never thought that being a mother could turn my life upside down. I used to think that being a mother is just a natural process that every woman would go through. Wrong! Apparently, it takes guts to be a mother.

When I first became a mother, I had zero knowledge started from when I was pregnant to the time when little peanut was put on top of me. It was an absurd feeling because I do cherish my babies yet every little thing is so overwhelming to me. Being a mother is surely a great challenge. Often times you have zillion of questions but you don’t know where to find the answers. Don’t worry, I have been there. Hence, I created this blog to share my parenting journey that hopefully could answer all your worries.



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