Suzuki Beef, located at the back alley of Phrompong BTS is probably the best Japanese restaurant who served various finest wagyu beef in town, and specialized with its roast Omi Beef (high marbling wagyu). And the legend doesn’t stop there, they served roast wagyu beef set for only 290 baht. Wait, what?

I made a reservation in advance because rumor has it that their roast beef lunch sets are only available for some! For only 290 baht, it is to be expected, isn’t it?

I am quite surprised that the place turns out to be quite fancy with all staffs being very polite and friendly. The first floor of the restaurant is set to be counter seating. I was escorted upstairs where rows of private rooms with curtains set up with grill at table and zashiki. Super fancy!

Roast Beef Donburi Lunch Set

The dish I spotted of course was the famous Roast Beef Donburi Lunch Set. It came with soup, rice, kimchi. and salad.

Oh my… the picture doesn’t do it justice… the succulent tender beef just melt perfectly in my mouth. I then sliced the onsen egg, the runny egg yolk made the overall taste even richer. I am not a fan of wasabi, but they seem to use a fresh wasabi and everything balance out each other.

With limited stomach space, I was still intrigued to order their omi beef mix and the pork belly to grill. The omi beef mix is perfectly to my tasting, it was more to sweet subtle taste. Pork belly was a bit more chewy with less fat, yet the umami flavor was top notch. If you’re 삼겹살 die hard fan, then this one is not your cup of tea.

You can tell that Suzuki Beef Lunch Sets price are quite unbelievable in Sukhumvit area these days.. Where else can you find this uber good quality of beef for 290 baht only?

PRO TIP : Make your reservation one day ahead


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